Setting up 32blit examples on Mac M1

Hi folks, to compile the 32blit C++ examples on an M1 Macbook Air, I had to:

  1. install Homebrew, instructions found at

  2. Install various useful tools:

brew install git cmake gcc g++ sdl2

  1. download the 32blit repo; first, make a folder where you want it to download to & navigate to it. For example, I went to my home directory and typed:
mkdir mycode
cd mycode

and then I ran:

git clone

  1. Once it downloads the repo to your laptop, now you can navigate to the individual examples and compile to run/test on your laptop, ie.:
cd 32blit-sdk/examples
cd scrolly-tile
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
  1. And finally, once"make" is done, you run the example *.app created!

The “scrolly-tile”'s app you’ve just created is called “Rainbow”. So theoretically you should be able to run it by typing the following while still in that “build” directory:


But despite having execute permissions I cannot do so, so instead I just:

  1. Navigate to the build folder where you’ve compiled that new app (Rainbow and double-click on it.

And now the compiled example will run! (I will update this post as I figure out the command line run issue).

Thanks to mikered for his “setting up on Linux” posting which helped me figure out how to do this for the Mac!