Solarised preview image using RPi 4 with HQ Camera

New Raspberry HQ camera on a RPi4-4G - preview image is very poor. I am following the official Raspberry Pi camera guide, so using the command line interface instruction ‘raspistill’ I consistently get a very poor B&W preview image - solarised. Under the poor image, displaced to the left by a few pixels, is a good image which I can get to flash up for about a second if I mouse click onto the background menu page. The saved .jpg image isn’t too bad - bit grainy - but I believe I can work on that if only I could view a decent preview image. I have checked connections at both ends of the camera’s ribbon cable. Any ideas?
By the way this kit arrived so fast (less that 24hrs) from Pimoroni that it must have been shot out of one of their on-board cannons to my front door - impressive guys!

An update: This is resolved. I re-downloaded a copy of the Raspberry Pi OS using a PC and loaded onto the micro-SD card using Etcher - all works OK. I have noted to support an HQ resolution of 4056 x 3040 in Python (The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide, Chapter 5, page 31) I have increased the default gpu_mem from a default value of 126 to 256. I found the setting on the Raspbian menu: select Preferences then Raspberry Pi Configuration and click on ‘Performance’. Here is a configurable box labelled ‘GPU Memory’ with a value in it. I changed that value. Not rocket science but it may help a beginner?