Sound config, original Picade

Hi, can anyone tell me what the sound settings should be for the original Picade (the one with the volume buttons at the left hand side of the cabinet)?

I have upgraded to the latest version of retro pie and the sound doesn’t seem to work anymore.

The emulation station options have the audio card as either Default, Sysdefault, Dmix, HW, PlugHW and Null. Then Audio Device is either PCM, hdmi, headphone,speaker, master, digital, analogue.

Which of these combinations is correct? There seems to have been more than previous versions of retro pie?

The games are loading ok just that there’s no sound anymore


I just found your post, after I just succeeded to solve the exact same issue I had on my original Picade.
See thread here: Sound issue with early Picade hardware after RetroPie upgrade

I hope it will help you.