Sound issues X hat - no sound

Trying to get a set up working with the newer X hat, joystick and buttons to use directly on TV.
I have it all up and running but no sound coming through to TV.

The xhat drivers are installed and the sound shows as being turned right up, but still nothing.

2nd issue is wiring for the illuminated power button…
Guessing power and led on the hat are used but to which pins on the switch?

Any help greatly received.

I had the same issues, but after performing the steps in the following instructions it worked

I’m only new to this myself, only assembled my Picade this week (got a few issues I need to post about in a few minutes). For the power switch, I found it easier to attach the wires with it detached from the Picade and then thread the wires through the hole . On the power switch you’ll find tiny + and - markings beside the two closer prongs (I needed to take a photo with a digital camera and zoom in to see them properly). Carefully attach the red wire to the + and black to the - (you might need to loosen the connectors a little before this, they’re very tight). Match the colours to the right spaces on the hat and hopefully that should clear up that issue. As for the sound, maybe make sure the power lines are in the right order and inserted fully into the hat?