Streets Of Rage Remake V5 working on Picade

I just wanted to share this awesomeness. I am sure many of you know one of the coolest retro games are the Streets Of Rage games. I used to play it for hours with friends when i was young. Well if you don’t know it has been remade and it’s been ported to Retropie on the raspberry pi. I have played it on my pc but I been wanted to try on the Picade. It works perfect. Follow the video below. I don’t the language the person that is showing the steps in the video but if you follow along the steps you can’t miss. He even has the download file that is needed to get the game going after configuring. I have a Pi 3 on 3.8.1 Retropie and Retropie setup updated to 4.0. No issues.

More on the Remake from the site.SORR Site

Streets Of Rage Remake for Retropie

Streets Of Rage Remake no Retropie

awww dude that is fantastic.

Already putting into the picade here in the workshop. ;)



That is cool. I played it last night until I need to go to bed. It runs so
smooth. Enjoy it.

Just heads up. You have to do extra stuff to get it working on retropie 4.0.

This is the tutorial I use and easiest to follow and in english.

Save file to unlock everything.

A nice tutorial on the game.

That’s a great video tutorial indeed. I loved the simpler days of the past when you had to figure all this out for yourself though. Nowadays you just load up a tutorial.

I agreed but to even get this game loaded up on the Pi is not easy so I figure the more information the better,

By the way I have all the files needed even the save file that has everything unlocked.Just in case anyone needs it.