Swapped hyperpixel4 axis on clean install of raspbian18-11-13

ok so I just got a blank sd, did a clean flash of the newest raspbian image, did the updates, then cloned and installed the repo without touching a single other thing just to make sure it wasnt me messing something up, and my touch axis are swapped on a clean install. I did everything i could find on a previous install to try correcting this and never got it… im beginning to think its this version of raspi

Is this within X desktop, or reading directly from the touch device into a script/application?

Yea on x desktop. Mine is from the second run after the first batch was sold out for a while so I’ve had it for a while, and I’ve gone thru numerous installs of raspbian and it’s always ran flawlessly, but ever since I’ve been trying to run this new version so I can use vlc it’s been a nightmare… I can’t get vlc to display video properly either, it’s ignoring the frame buffer settings and displaying a cut off portrait video on a landscape screen leaving me with a small square on the left hand side of the screen