Third Hand Problem - not able to get it working (ha lol)



Has anyone got a way to get the yellow tips back on to the rest of the flex tube. Got it off as per the SparkFun video but just can not get them back on with the croc-clips installed.

Had dropped back to using the other third hand from an electronics shop which is useless also shown in the video.


You have to apply quite a lot of force to get them back on. It feels like it’ll never happen and then pop! they are back on. :-)


I can not get any more force, had them in the base and used all the force I can but still can not get them back together. Any other idea’s. Have to go down to the Pimoroni unit and have help from them. (get a third tube and see if they will get them together for me.


Heya! I’m Jon (from Pimoroni) :-) If you want to pop by the unit we’ll take a look!


Thanks Jon, third had works fine now, with your help.


It was a struggle but we got there! :-)