Toddler Radio

Toddler Radio

From Pimeroni
Phat Beat:
Pi Zero W:
Arcade Buttons x7:
On Off Shim:
Powerboost 1000:
2000 mAh battery:
Micro USB Panel Mount:
Speakers and Covers: x2

Clear and Green Rattle Can Paint

Code used: Pi-JukeBox by Andy Warburton

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Very nice looking build. =) I also used the mini arcade buttons on my Pirate Radio build. The ones on the pHat Beat are a bit small for my nubby fingers, plus like your build, I can’t access them anyway. My pHat Beat is buried away inside a wooden subwoofer box. My pHat Beat is also behind a black difusser.

Toddler ,I want one ,very,very nice indeed …mine is still not finished , Thanks for sharing