Touch module button not responding- resolved spontaneously

been messing around with my mini starter kit and a Model B+ - so far, I’m having ltos of fun with it. Looks great, Rockpool is pretty flexible once you dig in to it, and I’m loving the finish and quality of the kit.

I picked up an issue with the touch module when I first plugged it on: sensor 2 did not respond at all- the LED didn’t light up when I touched the white area, and the channel didn’t trigger in Rockpool either. The next day, when I plugged it in, I found all channels were working perfectly.

Could this be a firmware issue that was fixed by an update, or is it possibly an intermittent hardware issue?

Peter! The Touch module calibrates when it’s powered up (i.e. when it’s plugged in). This means if you are touching a pad while connecting it the calibration may be a bit squiffy.

Obviously it’s hard to avoid touching a pad while inserting it so we will be issuing a firmware update that should fix this!

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ah, that explains it, thanks

I’ve now implemented a small delay into the firmware that mitigates this. It doesn’t fix it altogether since it’s impossible to guarantee a pad is clear of fingers in any given time frame, but it helps.

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