Trilobot Complete Kit, its not complete?

I’ve just finished building my kit but I don’t see how I can complete things without an HDMI adaptor. I have RP3s and RPI Zero, but no RPI4, so I don’t think I have right adaptor. I didn’t realise this had changed in RPI land.

If you’re not going to put it in the kit, please, please, please put something on the product page to indicate that this is required (eg the kit is complete except for…) !

bangs head

I have found that it’s possible to setup an RPI over the network using the so-called ‘headless’ method. Perhaps add this as an option to your tutorial for anyone that doesn’t have the HDMI adaptor.

Sorry that caught you out! I’ve added a note about the micro-HDMI adaptor/cable to the shop page - if you place an order for one let me know the order number and I’ll see what I can do about the postage?

Headless instructions in the tutorial is a good idea - I’ll add that to my to do list :) In the meantime there’s some recent instructions on how to set up remote access via SSH in the Weather HAT tutorial: Getting Started with Weather HAT - might want to call your Pi ‘trilobot’ rather than ‘weather’ though!

Thanks for the response. I’m glad you have made that revision. I actually got it working fine via the headless route so I’m in no hurry to order an adaptor, but thank-you.

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