When ? for Assembled Mini Black HAT Hack3r

or is the assembly easy, im pretty dextrous and obsessive

Many thanks Miles

I believe we are waiting for the ribbon cables that ship with them… I’ll try to find out an estimate for availability tomorrow.

… I wouldn’t say that soldering the pin headers is difficult, however there are 120 points. My first about a year ago took me probably close to an hour lol, but with practice, my last took me no more than 20 mins.

Okay … But the unassembled ones have ribbons ? ?

The hat was gonna be our first python project . … . . .can you recommend
anything else. My daughter is mad for Scratch, but needs a good reason to
do python. . .
Yours Miles

Yes, the unassembled ones ship with a ribbn cable too… there’s only a handful in stock left though.

I’m not sure I understand your secnd question though, the black hat has no circuitry, it is an electrical router if you will, that allows combining multiple add-on boards.

… if you are only just starting I would recommend you don’t attempt to combine, or stack multiple add-on boards, there are quite a few pitfalls that may make certain combination not viable without some software hacking.

For a beginner in Python, I would say Explorer HAT (or pHAT) would be ideal. We do sell a kit with extra components and there’s a few tutorials available at learn.pimoroni.com

We have the 64 light hat but Nova (my daughter ) is adamant that the hat is
offset from the Pi, so that we can still see all the coolness inside !!!
See Pi Retro Station illustrates

Okay I will look around your site for a suitable exciting project


Assembled mini-hackers are back in stock!