TVOC/eCO2 Air Quality, with UVA & UVB Readings on the 1.3 LCD SPI Screen

I’ve put together a little code which takes the above readings and puts them on the LCD display all sitting on an I2c + SPI Breakout Garden.

The code is at:

Many, many thanks to @daldred for his brilliantly educational code, I wouldn’t have had a notion without it:

Screen looks like this:


The graphics are from the Material Design Icon set:

When you unzip their download, you’ll see a preview.html that lists all the codes you can use for your own versions. Currently I don’t know how to make the codes that are 5 characters long work - all the 4 length ones are good.

I needed a little splash screen to display something while the air quality sensor is warming-up, so I copied the Pimoroni logo from Twitter - hope that’s okay!!? The one below is resized to 240 x 240 for the screen, so will work in the code - but anything that size could be used.


There are two versions, one is a stand-alone - the other with a Flask RESTful api, so the values can be read from another machine with curl etc. Both display the same on the screen.

Hope someone finds it useful :)

Should be easily adaptable to whatever sensor set are plugged into the breakout garden. I’m going to swap out the UV sensor, and try the BMEs next.

I’m bookmarking this for sure. I only just got myself the Breakout Garden Mini and the 1.3’ Color LCD breakout to have some fun with. I have the UV sensor, but it has a header soldered into it so I can use it on a solderless bread board. I have a couple of BME680’s but they are soldered up and in use. I have plans to get myself a BMP680 to plug in. Then show time and temp etc on the LCD display.

Cool :)

I was in the same position with soldered headers on sensors, so I got the little extender set:

I’ll be hiding little track-balls under desks etc. for ‘magic tricks’.

I may do the same, I bought a bunch of the sensor breakouts before getting the Breakout garden board. I have one of the trackballs. Plugged in at the moment for testing. I want to eventually mount it in my SmartiPi case where the camera would normally go. Having trouble getting it to work on boot up via crontab though. I may try the instead of the and see how that goes.