Unable to set bootloader on Gemma on my Macbook Pro


I got an Adafruit gemma a few days ago and have been toying around with the idea of using it to power some neopixels (which I’m going to sew onto an Iron Man toy).

I was able to compile and send the script I wrote to the gemma using my desktop iMac at home, but am currently around a friend’s house, with a Macbook Pro, and it isn’t working

Basically, when I’m using the iMac, I connect it to the USB port the red light on the gemma pulses. When it stops pulsing, I’m able to press the bootloader button, and it pulses again. Trying to do the same via my Macbook Pro but this doesn’t happen when connecting it to the Macbook Pro, and it doesn’t work. No pulsing light after plugging it in, and no pulsing light after pressing the button.

Any ideas?


This sounds like the same issue that seems to affect the original Trinket, not totally surprisingly. Maybe, see if my answer here helps: