Unicorn HAT HD Might Be Defective? [Solved]

Hi guys. A few days ago I ordered a Unicorn HD from Amazon which doesn’t light up. I contacted support via email but the last email asked me for my address to send a replacement and that’s it. The conversation ended on Friday so I waited till today for a response, but to no avail. I’m in the US so could my HAT have gotten damaged on its way to the US?

It’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK, you’ll probably get a response tomorrow.

It’s the next day, but no response for three emails…
Why no response(s)?

I don’t know, but I’ll prod the relevant people.

Darn it, just realised it’s 6pm which might be why I’m shouting into the abyss.

But I’ve found your ticket and it looks like your response was just before the bank holiday weekend and, for whatever reason, wasn’t responded to today. I’ll make sure a replacement is sent out tomorrow.

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Thank you so much!


I just received a replacement today but the dang thing isn’t working! Just like the other HAT. I am starting to wonder if it is something else that’s not working.

D: Not good!
Since both your original and now replacement boards seem to be faulty, it’s most likely software related!

What Raspberry Pi are your running your Unicorn HAT HD on, and which version of Raspbian (if you know)?

I’m running on a Pi 3, Raspbian Stretch. I deduced it may be software related so I’m preparing a backup. It may also be from Unicorn HAT and HAT HD software I have installed :(

Okey dokey!

First things first: try re-installing the software for the Unicorn HAT HD using curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/unicornhathd | bash, making sure that you get the HD version, and not the normal version.
The inherent differences between the packages can be enough to give you real problems! It’s probably a good idea to re-flash your SD card before doing this if it is possible, since it’ll remove any unwanted and potentially malicious software.

For reference, take a peep at this thread over here: Unicorn HAT HD programs not working

Well, I’ve reinstalled the OS AND the HD software, but nothing is WORKING! This is getting real annoying now. I have realised that the 2nd row of LEDs (closest to the “UNICORN HAT HD” text) lights up briefly when I plug it in. Then, no sign of life.

Whoops! My bad. I realised that the HAT wasn’t securely attached to the Pi. It works like a charm!


Haha, no problem! Looks like the first one was probably a dud. Glad it’s working for you!

But now I feel the first one was also working because I only dropped the HAT on the GPIO pins, not actually PUSH It down.