Unicorn pHAT not working/detecting

I think so yes. @Matt

I created an account with the intent of asking exactly this. I have a Unicorn PHAT connected to a Pi Zero W with pogo pins, and it works… sometimes. But usually not. Which probably means it’s the pins, but I don’t see a way to get them in any tighter?

Mounted with standoff’s? If yes where did you buy the standoffs? I’ve bought mine from Adafruit and Pimoroni. The Adafruit ones are 11mm while the Pimoroni ones are 10mm.
Maybe the ones you have are too long?

I used the plastic spacers included with the Pimoroni Mood Light kit. But maybe I could try to find something shorter or find some other way of getting the boards closer together…

I do believe the pogo pins were made to be used with these.

my pogo pin kit came with plastic spacers and nut and bolt … just the ones shown here https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pogo-a-go-go-solderless-gpio-pogo-pins
my unicorn phat has a header on it so i cant test it to see if it has issue with pogo pins

Oh right, those were where the spacers came from, not the Mood Light kit. Well, in any case, I took the spacers off to squeeze the pins more and same deal, very intermittent/occasional lighting. At this point I don’t know if the answer is “learn to solder” or “some part is not working,” and I’m afraid I wouldn’t find out until after I bought soldering stuff and tried it!

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I’ll have to try and remember that the pogo pins come with spacers.

IMHO, learning to solder is a skill that will come in very handy the more you do with electronics and Pi related projects.

I can’t speak for how well the pogo pins work or don’t work. I haven’t tried them, I prefer soldering. I’ve been doing it (soldering) for a long long time and don’t mind doing it.

Did you solve this issue? I am having the same situation here.

I solved it using the POGO Pins upside down!! It was a connection issue.

what do you mean? I just put them the way they rest… can’t seem to flip them