Using Pimoroni 1.54" IPS with breakout garden

Hi everyone, just getting started with RPi and was wondering if I could get some help changing the script in the breakout garden examples to work with a st7789 1.54" IPS instead of the oled.

Thanks in advance!

A link to that example would help?

I’m currently running the Enviro and Enviro+ examples on the equivalent Breakout Garden setup. I’m using the 0.96" SPI Color LCD (160x80) Breakout. Mainly because that’s what the Enviro uses, it minimizes the editing.
I do have that 1.54 LCD breakout and the 1.3 LCD breakout. I can tell you what config settings to use. The hard part is editing the height and width, and adjusting all the other positional info in the file.

Is this the file?
(breakout-garden/ at master · pimoroni/breakout-garden · GitHub)

If yes, you have your work cut out for you.

hahaha yeah that’s the one LOL.

interesting. Does this mean you replicated all the enviro sensors on the breakout board?

For the most part yes. No Mic and no Gas sensor.
0.96" SPI Color LCD (160x80) Breakout
RV3028 Real-Time Clock (RTC) Breakout
BME280 Temperature, Pressure, Humidity Sensor Breakout
LTR-559 Light & Proximity Sensor Breakout
VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor Breakout

One build runs a modified version of the Enviro+
It’s what’s shown running on the Enviro+ on its product page.
Three 0.96" SPI Color LCD’s on SPI 1. One graphs Temperature, one graphs Humidity, and the third graphs Pressure.
Another build runs a modified version of the Enviro
It’s what’s shown running on the Enviro on the product page.
Two 0.96" SPI Color LCD’s on SPI 0. One shows indoor and one shows outdoor.
Two BME280’s, one for indoor and one for outdoor. It will show UV index too. It’s all mocked up, half on Proto boards and half on Breakout Garden Hats, on a pHat Stack.
Still have a ton of python coding to do for the second BME280.
The first LCD is working showing indoor values. It’s usable as an Enviro right now.