Using Tiny2040 with the Arduino IDE, no TTY appearing

I bought a bunch of Tiny2040 modules some time ago which I have been using fine with MicroPython. I have a need to use the Arduino IDE to write some C++ code and I don’t seem to be able to get the things to appear as a TTY in order to program them. I have tried every combination of Plugging-in/Holding-Boot/Holding-reset but nothing seems to bring up a TTY. I don’t have a problem with regular 2040’s so I know there isn’t a system problem so what am I missing?

For programming, you need the SWC/GND/SWD pins. The tty is brought up by your program. The pico-sdk offers the choice to bring up the console on USB or GP0/GP1. It might be that you special settings because the Tiny has USB-C vs Micro-USB for the normal Pico?!