What do you prefer? Raspberry Pi or Arduino or Adafruit

What do you prefer: Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Adafruit?
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Adafruit

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but for what purpose? It makes a big difference.
The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that runs an OS.
An Arduino is a Micro Controller like the Pi Pico and works in a completely different manner.
I have about 2 dozen different model Raspberry Pi’s.
A couple of Arduino’s.
A couple of BBC Micro Bits.
And a Pi Pico.
My answer would be “All of the above”
Also “Adafruit” what? I ask because they manufacture and sell many different micro controllers. Arduino, Clue, Feather, RP2020 etc.

@alphanumeric I kind of mean in general for coding - I know Arduino (and possibly Adafruit) don’t have an OS like a RPi - Which do you like more and which do you find better for coding!

Gonna fix it - closing poll

I have no skills coding in C, and only minimal in Micro Python or Circuit Python.
I have done a lot of Python code for the Pi so I guess Pi would be my answer.
I code on my Pi400 for my Pico for example.

Hi Alphanumeric - as it was a bit hard to understand - here is a new poll What Pi do you prefer. Alex