Wiring up the mcp9600 (thermocouple amp)

the mcp9600 has 5 connections. I am trying to connect it to the RaspberyPi GIOP pins

I think that
3-5V goes to GIOP 4
SDA goes to GIOP 3
SCL goes to GIOP 5
GND goes to GIOP 6

Where does INT go to?

Thanks for any help

Int connects to GPIO 4 physical pin 7
1 - 3.3V
3 - GPIO 2 SDA
5 - GPIO 3 SCL
7 - GPIO 4 Int
9 - Ground

Fantastic! thanks
I was quoting physical pins (my mistake)

I’m sure everyone knows about this, but I found it useful

I reference that site a lot. The BCM versus actual pin number can catch you out.
The Breakout Garden i2c breakouts are setup so you can plug them right onto the GPIO header. That’s why Int ends up on GPIO 4. Some Breakouts have it some don’t. I don’t even bother wiring it up. The breakouts I have that have it, only use it for custom functions. The code I run doesn’t need or use the Int pin.