Assembly instructions for Pibow Audio?

I just got my Pibow Audio, but I’m unable to find any assembly instructions for it.
There weren’t any in or on the packaging, so now I’m left with a bunch of acrylic layers and no clue how to get these things wrapped around my Pi.
What do I do?

From a review left on the Pibow Audio’s shop page:

Each piece is numbered in the upper left corner, simply push the pins through part 0 and add each layer. Tighten everything up with the included tool and you’re done. -Carver

So I presume you simply put the bolts through the layers and insert the Raspberry Pi where it needs to fit. I presume that the pins go through the four mounting holes on the Pi?

Yeah, that I got. I also just assembled it correctly by sheer luck.
I was asking because I was unsure at what point the Pi-DAC had to be plugged into the Pi before continuing to assemble the case.
Also, it’s kinda cynical that the Pibow Zero (which consists of a mere 4 layers) gets assembly instructions and this beast with 11 layers doesn’t.

Ha, agreed.
And according to a response from another review, the Pi-DAC is meant to be applied at layer 6. :)