Big cabinet reverb

Hi all,

I’m a newbie - I don’t actually have a picade yet, still in the planning stage. I’ve been doing most of my retrogaming up till now on an Anbernic handheld and one of the things I love about it is the ability to turn on a final-stage reverb effect on the audio. For me, a lot of the feeling of retrogaming comes from the sound of big ol’ speakers rattling around inside a cheap fibreboard cabinet :)

Does anyone know if retropi offers this kind of audio effect out of the box or will I have to fiddle? (fiddling is fine, I do this kind of UNIXy stuff for a living).


Hi Choobs, you’re not going to get that sort of sound from the stock picade, the provided speaker is only 5W (mono) although a lot of retro games were mono anyway. The case is high quality but not big enough with that speaker for you to feel the sound like you did back in the day.

However it doesn’t cost much to stick in a USB soundcard and whatever speaker you like (space permitting). I use one of those little hamburger speakers pointing at the back of the screen.

Hallo - thanks for the reply and suggestions. I was actually thinking more of adding reverb digitally, as an audio effect, rather than trying to get it naturally from such a small speaker and cabinet. All good for though though - cheers :)