Blackhat hacker

has the original blackhat hacker been discontinued?

It’s been superceded by pHAT Stack which, if you get the unassembled kit and populate only select headers, is basically the same thing:

Didn’t the mini black hat hak3r sort of kind of replace it? The mini will take on full sized Hat or two pHats. If your looking for something almost the same size as the original. The original is just a little bigger than the mini, I have both. The original has an extra row of GPIO pins for use as test points. I never ever used them though.

@gadgetoid Phil, is the mini going to be replaced by the stack? I may order one or two more mini’s if that’s the case. I’ve found them very useful as a sort of chassis for some of my projects. I really hope you don’t discontinue those.

I don’t believe so - the mini still has its place. I certainly use it a lot for testing/development, too!

That’s good to hear. I can see myself buying at least one or two more down the road.

Its a shame about the original as it makes a good solid platform for a headless sense hat (using a 90 90 degree mounted Pi0w, an OnOff shim and a 1A powerbank)!

You could do that with the pHat stack, and not have to use the 90. Nice setup there by the way.
I did something similar with the mini.