Buying Mechanical key testers before a Keybow 2040?

I wanted to try and help on the forum so I was replying on another topic (Set-up of Keybow 2040) that has me wondering about buying a Keybow 2040 with its 4x4 grid of keys. I do like the small Keybow Kit (3-key) but don’t think it is as good running on a Pi Zero, it seems overkill. The Keybow 2040 running an RP2040 microcontroller seems better. Though I’m only guessing as I’m still quite inexperienced overall with microcontrollers.

One question is, which type of key to get: Clicky, Linear (quiet) or Tactile. Those options use Kailh switches according to the product pages which claim to be Cherry MX-compatible switches. So buying the Keybow 2040 Bare (no switches/keycaps) and buying switches separately is the last one.

I found PiHut sell a “Kailh Mechanical Four Key Tester: White Black Red Brown Switches” but as the name shows, it is different to what Pimoroni use which is this from the Keybow 2040 product page:

clicky (Gold), linear (Silver) or tactile (Copper) Kailh Speed switches and clear DSA-profile key caps.

I wonder if people from Pimoroni see posts on this forum and wish lists / suggestions / requests for products? they don’t have a category for it at least :). Obviously another option is buying the cheap testers you find all over the internet.

It would be good to hear what other people think on the keys choices before buying a Keybow 2040.