Decoding Pi connector schematic for 5.7" Inky pHAT

The Pi connector pinout diagram for the 5.7" pHAT looks like it does not have the same layout or pin count as the Pi or maybe I don’t know how to read this type of schematic. I am ultimately trying to use the Waveshare RP2040-Plus to run the eInk display so I need to know pin by pin how to connect the two, so I started with trying to “connect the dots” between the pHAT and Pi zero since my understanding is you can just mount one on the other. I’m stumped…my background is MechE :/

pHAT schematic:

RP2040 Pin diagram

Pinout for connecting Inky to Pi
https : / / pinout. xyz/ pinout/ inky_impression (remove spaces to use link)

Keep in mind that on that schematic, the numbers shown on the header are the GPIO numbers not the physical pin number.
This may help.
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Also keep in mind that the impression-series are for Raspberry Pi computers. The RP2040-Plus is a microcontroller and has totally different pins.