"Expletive deleted" useless Royal Mail rant

It is almost like the Royal Mail are trying to lose customers. I ordered loads of stuff at the weekend which was sent out on Tuesday. So here was I thinking that it would be delivered Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I checked the tracking to find that they had received a request not to deliver. Now I know that I didn’t make a “do not deliver” request and I pretty sure that you wouldn’t make a request without letting me know (that would be stupid…right?).

So here I was thinking it would be delivered Thursday (today). No, that would be too easy.

Now on both days (around 4pm) I saw a RM van in the road delivering / collecting parcels. This has got me thinking that on both days my delivery was on the van but the driver effed up so they had to put something in the tracking history. Now I don’t think there is much you can do at the moment but considering how much trade the RM get out of you, you might know someone you can complain to because the service is dire


PS I’d love to know exactly what “Unable to Attempt Delivery” means as it seems like it is a cop out.

Sorry to hear RM are making it difficult to get at your stuff :(

It might be worth giving the depot a ring to find out what’s up - looks like there are some contact details for Tweedale here?

Drop our support team a message using the contact form if you don’t manage to track it down!

Just tried the number, Unfortunately it is a call centre one rather than a direct line to the DO. I called just after the delivery van came in the road and didn’t stop here. After I got through to a human after 25 minutes on hold I got no help and as I was trying to explain that nobody had asked for a “request not to deliver” on Wednesday they hung up on me!! Un expletive deleted!

Fortunately the DO isn’t far so it looks like I might have to go round there and kick up a stink

Shock horror its been delivered … let the fun begin

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You have to laugh … but on the local news tonight they were banging on about the new RM parcel sorting hub, and how it will sort 40% of all UK parcels …I have to ask, how that would have helped me get my parcel on time when the weakest point is the local delivery office