Extra tall male headers


is there any chance that you could start selling a slightly taller (2-3mm) male header to give a bit more space to solder shims?


There is this female header, https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/prototyping/products/booster-header
Looks like you want a male version though. You might be able to make this work though, https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/prototyping/products/break-away-headers-long
Use two to get a double row of 20.
The description says, The plastic separator can be slid up or down to accommodate your needs.


These look good but my second question is how about an extra tall male hammer header?

And while we are talking hammer headers is there any chance of a bulk discount? E.G 4 male for £6 and 4 female for £9 (i.e. 4 for the price of 3)


Would the hammer header install jig still work with extra tall headers? I don’t have one myself, I’d rather solder them in place.


I think it probably would still work


… although you might need slightly longer nylon bolts however having just rewatched my video https://youtu.be/rwOsNkd5wVQ if the headers are 2-3mm taller then the original jig should work!

As for hammer headers I think they are great if a little expensive :(

Since making my video I’ve refined my method of installing a hammer header, I now just use the large clamp and can fit one in less than a minute which is less time than it takes me to set up a soldering iron.