Fan shim rpi 4b both with lcd 3.5 in same case-box possible?

Hello I have rpi 4b and lcd 3.5 inch, is it possible with your fan shim to assemble with lcd 3.5 in same box case? thank you

If the LCD display connects to the Pi’s GPIO you’ll have to check for pin conflicts.
The Fan Shim Pinout is here.

yes lcd connected to the some of pins of fan shim. But I thought that fan shim pins were holed (punched) and that I can insert lcd above that punched pins of fan shim.

If not is there a possibility to have a box case with both fan and lcd for raspberry pi 4 b?

thank you, sorry for my bad english

You have to figure out which pins the Display “uses” for signaling etc. If the Fan Shim and the display try to both use the same pin for two different things they won’t work correctly. i2c is a shared bus but other control pins aren’t.
If there is room, yes you could plug in the fan shim and put the display on top of it. You’ll likely have to use a booster header on the display to raise it up so the fan can work effectively.