Grow Hat service does not exit/not starting

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping that someone can help. I received a grow hat kit for Christmas and have been setting it up with a Raspberry Pi Zero W this afternoon.

I install the Grow Hat software with this command -

curl -sSL | bash

I get prompted with the examples - ask whether you’d like to install the examples - say yes!

But I don’t get prompted with the service message - It will also ask you if you’d like to install the plant monitor as a service - if you answer yes to this it will make the monitor start automatically when the Pi is turned on

After the examples prompt, it asks me if I would like to restart.

If I try to start the service manually using these commands -

sudo systemctl enable grow-monitor.service

sudo systemctl start grow-monitor.service

I get the following error message - Failed to enable unit: Unit file grow-monitor.service does not exist.

Can anyone help? For info I have set up Pi headless and remote in with SSH.

Many thanks


Figured this out myself - the Grow software only supports legacy Pi OS. Once I flashed the card with this and re-installed the service started and I can get the sensors to show in Nano.

However, nothing displays on the screen but I guess that’s a different problem!

I had a similar problem, the reason was that i did some faulty soldering when soldering the gpio header to my pi zero. Might be that this is the case here too if you soldered the header yourself.


Just had the same issue, scratched my head and then dug through the code.

mopeythesnowman mentioned about it running fine on the legacy Pi OS.

There is a part of the installer script that checks to see if your Pi is running the new Bullseye variant and switches to an install script aimed for that.

However the code required to install the service when using Bullseye seems to be missing from the script but Pimoroni appear to be aware of that and have the following pull request ready to go:

(look at lines 237 through to 247)

Until this pull request is merged you can work around the issue by cloning the repository at using git or, if your uncomfortable with that, by downloading it as a zip file and unzipping it.

Once done you just need to run in the directory name service. This will install the missing service file.

cd grow-python
cd service
sudo ./

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I have the same problem but I am very new to this pi business. Can someone explain simply what I need to do. I hope it is not just return for a refund. How would I get a version of Raspian that works and which one does work. Is this the reason my screen is blank? I am using Pi Zero 2 WH with latest Raspian. My setup is headless and I connect with VNC and Putty.

Hi Peter, you are looking for Raspberry Pi OS Buster. In the Raspberry Pi imager click on Choose OS then Raspberry Pi (other) then about 4th on the list is Buster with no desktop. I would also recommend setting up SSH when you flash the card. It is a very easy way to go headless.

That seems to work but it would be good to explain this in the tutorial and perhaps include a note with the kit.

I think @gadgetoid was fixing up the Grow installer to play nicely with Bullseye yesterday, so hopefully it won’t be a problem for much longer!