Grow Hat service does not exit/not starting

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping that someone can help. I received a grow hat kit for Christmas and have been setting it up with a Raspberry Pi Zero W this afternoon.

I install the Grow Hat software with this command -

curl -sSL | bash

I get prompted with the examples - ask whether you’d like to install the examples - say yes!

But I don’t get prompted with the service message - It will also ask you if you’d like to install the plant monitor as a service - if you answer yes to this it will make the monitor start automatically when the Pi is turned on

After the examples prompt, it asks me if I would like to restart.

If I try to start the service manually using these commands -

sudo systemctl enable grow-monitor.service

sudo systemctl start grow-monitor.service

I get the following error message - Failed to enable unit: Unit file grow-monitor.service does not exist.

Can anyone help? For info I have set up Pi headless and remote in with SSH.

Many thanks


Figured this out myself - the Grow software only supports legacy Pi OS. Once I flashed the card with this and re-installed the service started and I can get the sensors to show in Nano.

However, nothing displays on the screen but I guess that’s a different problem!

I had a similar problem, the reason was that i did some faulty soldering when soldering the gpio header to my pi zero. Might be that this is the case here too if you soldered the header yourself.