HyperPixel 4.0 Square on MaaXBoard Mini

I have HyperPixel 4.0 Square (720x720) and working fine on RaspberryPi but as hard to get RPi nowadays I got myself MaaxBoard Mini that have compatible headers and now trying to get it working on MaaxBoard Mini

I have identified pinouts

And will start working on writing hyperpixel4-init.c for MaaxBoard mini but before I start I’m wondering if someone managed to get it running on any other board with RPi like headers, what are steps, dts/dtsb modification and ofc Debian support

Current board is on Debian 10(buster) from Avnet

Steps that I plan to do:

  • Source for hyperpixel4-init.c adopt for MaaxBoard
    (this includes disabling I2C, SPI and get clean GPIO for LCD
  • Modify dts (that I have managed to decompile) and make modification
  • Debug and make stable

Any further steps I need to cover? any existing tutorials and how to would be appreciated