Inky PHAT not detected

Hi, I’m struggling with Inky PHAT and am not able to find my way through the support offered on Pimoroni or external support sites.
If I try and run the python code:
python3 --type “what” --colour “red” --name “Inigo Montoya”
and get the error:
Failed to detect an Inky board. Trying --type/–colour arguments instead…

Question: What is my next step? Is there a webpage I should read to find out how to get the InkyPHAT working?
What I know:
I’m using a newly installed Raspberry PI W Zero running: Debian Bullseye.
What I don’t know:
Is the problem with connections from Inky PHAT to Raspberry PI or the Inky PHAT device itself.

Make sure i2c is enabled, it’s what’s used to do the ID /detect.