Kernal Panic on Shutdown after Hat install

Hello, everyone. I’ve come to see if I can get any help with a problem I am having with the Picade Hat. I have my picade all set up and it runs beautifully… until it comes time to shut down. Either using the power button, or shutting down the system from inside retropie is giving me a Kernal Panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init error. I tried a clean install of retropie and everything works fine until I install the picadehat with curl | bash. Once that is installed, the error when shutting down appears again. Any ideas what it could be?

Having the same problem:

From what I was told from email support, it is a problem with the latest version of Raspian and the PicadeHat software. They are aware of the problem, and can replicate it, so might see an update eventually

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