My screen keeps cutting ot

When i first built the picade i used the 3.0 retropie build and it seemed ok.

I decided to update everything because some simple games seemed to chug a little (80’s arcade games). So im now on 3.3 , but this is when the screen would start cutting out. Now i know according to what i’ve read is power related.

I already had a decent 2a Psu so thought nothing of it. Untill i put 3.3 on and it started going on and off randomly take my bluetooth keyboard adapter out and it was less frequent.
So i then used 2 seperate psus to power the screen and (from USB and Pi), but for some reason i would now lose sound.

Today i’ve been down to Maplins and bought the strongest mini usb psu they had (2.1A). Still screen cutting off. Took this back and decided to try a charging port with 4 usb (1x2.1a, 4x1a)

When messing with the screen options i see it says 1920 x 1200 @60hz does this mean that the screen is getting that signal and perhaps cant handle it?

Its a Pi 2 btw

I had the same issue with my Pi 2 and tried all sorts of different chargers to no avail, same as you - I tried a powered hub for the screen, but lost sound when I did that. I tried the screen directly powered from the mains and again had the same problem.

In the end, I modified config.txt in /boot and added the following line at the bottom:


I’d seen in mentioned in a few places as that boosting the amount of current that the USB socket will dish out. Whether it’s likely to fry the Pi or the screen or anything, I don’t know - but since I added that, my screen hasn’t crashed.

This solved all the problems I was having. Thank you very much.