My small but (I think) sensible mod

I was never happy with the way the HDMI cable of the 8" display pointed up and then snaked to the door where the Pi was located. Every time the door is opened it stresses the control board. So I have rotated the display 180 degrees. This has allowed for what I think a neater install. To drill the holes for the RPi I used a C clamp to clam the bottom of a PiBow case to the underside at the location I wanted the Pi. Each time I drilled a hole I put a bolt in. This is important because even with the C clamp it will want to move. Once done mount in the same was as it is on the door. This now also leaves the door free for some pockets to hold power pack and any DPads.
Here is a picture of the install, with my RPi 3 :) All there is left to do is reinstall everything.


We like it! We may consider modifying the kit to work like this in future (at least with Pi based builds!).