New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Hi I love this could you send me a high red version please :)

Hi angel77lopez could I get the dragons lair images for my sons cabinet please. They look great

Hey can you tell me whta post number it’s on? Which picade thr new model?

Thank you 426, latest 10" picade



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What is your email for the Dragon’s lair?

Does anybody have a blank template for the new (10") Picade (including sides)?

@myarcadeconsole do you sell the skins separately from your website?

I think I have it. I can email it to you.

Hi All. Completely new to this and have a new Picade 10" arriving in the mail shortly. Would love to get my ducks in a row before it arriving and wanted to see where I could download the latest blank template for the unit (top, display frame, joystick area, and all cabinet sides). Would love to alter the artwork as you all have been doing and maybe look into adding a wood veneer to the sides. Thank you in advance for your help!

whats your email? I will send you the temps.

Whats your email? I can send them to you.

G’day from down under 🙃

Can I please request all the Defender information required for printing by a professional shop. I’m a bit new to this and need everything to hand over to the printer to finish my dream arcade.

I have a 10” Picade with the screws set square with the joystick.

Thank you so much for all this great work 😃 40yr dream in the making!

Dean -

Hey. Are you asking for someone to make you a defender artwork? Or you are choosing one from the post above? If so which post number? What do you mean square buttons? Send a pic.

Once again premised with the fact I am very new to all this……

Something like this for the 10” version. The screws I mentioned must have been for the 12” version.

I only require a print shop that I engage to make it….


Wheelhorse made that. You will need to PM him. I am sure a fed ex store can do it.

Thanks for that mate

Hi All. Thanks to the help of angel77lopez coming through with the templates and al the great inspiration on this forum I was able to customize my own Picade after arrival. Added matte, wood veneer on the sides, top, and front and kept the back the powder coated black. Wish I didn’t cut out the slots from the veneer to have it look cleaner on the sides, but its all a learning experience. If anyone is interested I got the veneers the Circuit brand makes for crafts and simply spray mounted it onto the powder coated panels and with an x-acto was able to easily cut away the excess.

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Wow looks awesome. Enjoy it and happy gaming.