New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Many thanks to @angel77lopez and @Wheelhorse for the Picade artwork - I just finished a Dragon’s Lair 2020 10" Picade and it looks great.

I found a fairly easy way to scale the posted artwork and printout on a standard inkjet printer:

 - download artwork
 - use Microsoft paint to crop the individual part to be printed (crop as close as possible)
 - save cropped part to a new file
 - open Microsoft Word, set to landscape mode and then set left and right margins 
 - see below on calculating the numbers for the margins
 - click and drag the saved part to Word and it automatically scales to the correct width
 - print the Word doc on high quality photo paper

The key part here is setting the left and right margins. The Marquee should be 220 mm wide; therefore the left and right margins should be set to ( 11" - 220 mm / 25.4 mm per inch ) / 2 margins. This equates to 1.17" margins left and right.

If you are printing out the picture for the joystick and buttons for the 2020 Picade, the margins should be set to (11" - 253 mm / 25.4 mm per inch) / 2 margins = .52". If you have a 2018/2019 Picade, the picture for the joystick and buttons should have margins = (11" - 246 mm / 25.4 mm per inch) / 2 margins = .66".

The above method worked out well for me since the dragon’s lair image that I could download directly from this message board had a resolution around 4000 x 5000 pixels.

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Do you have any pictures of the completed Dragons Lair?

I don’t have the side art and front art on yet - the stick-on paper I had was old and not sticky anymore so
I need to order some more.

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Hey guys. Im brand new here. Just got my first picade this week. Its the new 8inch version. Id love to get the xmen a4 file but I know I cant send PMs for a while. How long does that take or what do I have to do to get that ability? Great cabs everyone! Very excited to have my own!

What post # are you referring to that you want?

It looks like post 575

OK that’s wheelhorse then. He did that one. Maybe he will respond.

She came together guys! Thanks for all the resources available here! You fellas and your hard work are much appreciated! Staples was able to make my prints and it turned out really nice!

Looks good. Enjoy!!!

i have just bought the 8 inch version and have been lookin through all this artwork they all look great if its no problem could someone send me the xmen artwork or a metal slug one please my email is

Looks so good Wheelhorse! Would love a copy of the original files if you have them still! I have a 10" version on the way this week.