No sound from wired speakers (Picade HAT+Raspberry Pi)

Hi all

I have a Picade HAT connected to a Rasperry Pi 3 B+.

I connected the extenal speaker that came with the Picade HAT (red & black wires). I tested my build recently and the sound came out the speakers just fine.

But I could not adjust the volume for some reason so I disconnected the speakers as it was too loud where I was testing it. I reconnected the speakers and ran it again a couple days ago but now there is now sound coming from the speakers and I’m getting the following error: VolumeControl::init() - Failed to find mixer elements! .

The headphones work fine when I run tests but the speakers do not. I only itend to use the speakers as the parts are going in an arcade table so any help would be most appreciated.

It stopped working after I used a custom splashscreen video with sound in it, could be that?

No one else has this issue? Did I just waste money on a Picade HAT + parts kit? :/