Picadehat - No sound

I am new to the RaspberryPi and linux.

I have just assembled a Picade Console using a Raspberrypi 3 Model B+
I am using a 128gb retropi image called Retrorama Rampage V2
All works well the sound works great in my Picade Console using a usb controller connected to the pi.

In order to get the Picade joystick and buttons to work I have to install the Picadehat software.

It is only when I install the Picadehat software and reboot my pi that the sound no longer works.

When the image boots up a video plays and sound plays, once Emulation Station loads up, my sound disappears. I have checked volume in the sound settings, output via hdmi. I have also connected headphones and still no sound. When I check Audio in the retropi menu I briefly see the message:
“VolumeControl::init() - Failed to find mixer elements!”
I have put the same SD card into a spare Pi2 and that has no sound either.
Anyone got any ideas what is going wrong
Thanks for reading.