Noobie question: Setting up the buttons

I have what is probably a dumb question… .how do I correctly set up the buttons inside Retropie?

When I get into Retropie it asks me to set up the game controller. It seems to go thru a joystick setup, but it never asks what I want for “quarter” or “1 player” the other buttons. Just the control buttons (x-axis, etc)

Can someone tell me the correct button setup procedure?

For example, once i got through it, i loaded up Mr Do… but couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t put in a quarter… or select 1 player…

Good question to take you to rookie!

What i did was set up emulation station with a usb keyboard first (cursor keys,z,x for a and b, a,s,Q,w for bumper and triggers, others don’t matter but for simplicity k,i,j,m,l and g,t,f,V,h), then I configured Picade in emulation station. Here select is front left button and start is the right hand one. This should pass down the config to most of the emulators that use Retroarch. I think with mame this might take some further config, press tab when in game to configure remembering to save settings under setting management. Retroarch has similar screen gui under Retropie menu. In mame i found my buttons would often not work in a game if needed to use a different name emulator (2010 instead of 2004). Hope this is of some help