Octocam issues with etcher seeing SD card drive


Hi i have downloaded etcher and the motion eyes… gz file

Ive selected the image file and then went to select the drive, etcher says - ‘connect a drive!’ no removable drive detected

The SD card is in the laptop and i can see the SD drive in explorer comes up as d;/, can anyone think why etcher cant see the SD card please



Hmm, strange…
It’s possible that since the drive is called D:/, it may think that is just a standard HDD, since the default names for these are C:/ and D:/. It’s a theory at least… :D

Let’s put theory to practice: could you try renaming your drive to another letter? If you’re using windows, you can find instructions here which should work.

(I would provide a more in-depth instruction, but I use Raspbian as my normal desktop OS)


oh my fabulous changed it to s:/ and now its letting me flash the card



No problem, happy to help. If you have any more difficulty with your Octocam kit just post it up on the forum!