Phat dac on Samplerbox dist


i have some trouble to run phat dac on rpi2 with dist samplerbox.
Roughly, this dist is based on jessie. It is a read only dist but i have remounted it before making changes of course.

I have followed the tuto: "Setting up pHAT DAC"
But i get no sound.

root@samplerbox:~# aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****

Following the conf files

file /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf does not exist

root@samplerbox:~# more /boot/config.txt
root@samplerbox:~# more /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
 type hw
 card 0
ctl.!default {
 type hw
 card 0
root@samplerbox:~# more /etc/modules
> # /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.
> #
> # This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded
> # at boot time, one per line. Lines beginning with "#" are ignored.

> i2c-dev
> #snd_bcm2835

at a glance it seems you missed a step, commenting out the following in /boot/config.txt


certainly something wrong with the samplerbox image i used.
I had run pimeroni script on it and double check the config, all was fine

i then decided to go from a standard raspbian distib, then set up the phat dac: that time, all went fine
and finally install the samplerbox appli
and now everything works fine

by the way, this samplerbox is great to use with phat dac. It is a great sampler that allows you to play whatever sound from a midi device connected to the Rpi

Sounds interesting, I’ll take a peak at it and see if I can work out the culprit.

The kernel used in the original Samplerbox distro is to old.
I replaced it bij the latest Jessie kernel. Download the image and unpack it with 7Zip. Than place your SD-card in your Windows PC en the Boot partition shows up. Save the cmdline.txt and config.txt and replace al the other files. After boot run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade an my Phat Dac works in Samplerbox.

Here are my cmdline.txt

root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ro rootwait console=tty1 selinux=0 plymouth.enable=0 smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 elevator=noop

and config.txt


i have succeeded with a jessie distro+samplerbox binaries, but i get some overrun messages.
Do you get such messages on your distro?

The full distro load much more services etc… The samplerbox distro is optimized for running samplerbox. I get no xruns.

  1. did you run the setupscript after installing the samplerbox binaries?
  2. you can try the cmdline.txt and config.txt as I placed here above.

sorry, i am a bit lost
could be please be more explicit with the steps to follow?
what i have understood:

  • burn the samplerbox distro on the SD card
  • modify the cmdline and config.txt as described on the OS running
  • reboot ?
  • and run phat dac setup

Am i correct?
Thanks for your support

have you got the messages “overrun” on your updated samplerbox dist?

I don’t get the message overrun.

The procedure I used is:

  1. Burn the Samplerbox Image to a SD-card
  2. Overwrite everything in the boot partition with the boot-partition of the latest version of Jessie Lite:
    a) the boot partition is the partition you can read when you insert the SD-card in a windows PC
    b) you can unzip the Jessie Lite with 7-Zip
  3. Use the cmdline and config.txt as I placed here above
  4. Boot your pi
  5. remount the filesystems in read/write ( mount -o remount,rw / ) and run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade (and reboot the pi)



Very clear, thanks
I will try that and then install my phat dac, of course
Thanks a lot

boot seems to be greater in jessie dist than in wheezy one.
Thus, i can not overwrite boot ofmy samplerbox dist: boot volume is too small (63.8 Mo for 79 Mo needed for jessie lite boot)

For information:
i use w32diskimage to burn my image

any suggestion?
thanks again

After you burned the Samplerbox image, you must replace the contents of the boot-partition by hand. The contents of Jessie-lite boot partition is about 20 MB.

You have to unzip the Jessie image:

  1. Open the image with 7-Zip and unzip it.
  2. There should be a 0.fat and a 1.img
  3. Open the 0.fat with 7-Zip and unzip it.
  4. this is the contents of the Boot-partition and can be copied to the SD-card.

You only need win32diskimager to burn the Samplerbox image.


it is ok now
sorry, i was trying to copy 0.fat also


I managed to get sound, but things aren’t right at all.

I get this error on run: