Pi zero stopping when plugging USB adaptor



I just received my pi zero W, and when plugging the USB adaptor, the pi is stopping.
If it’s only with the power, it boots nicely.

Any idea ?

Thanks !


what USB adapter are you using? if a ‘shim’ type are you 100% sure it is inserted the right way?


I’m using the one I got with the Pi Zero W Starter Kit


sounds like the adapter could be defective, drop support@pimoroni.com a line and they’ll sort it out.


i have a similar thing… when i plug in the supplied micro usb to usb adapter… the pi zero reboots.


rebooting when live plugging things is a different thing - depending on what you have hooked up to the adaptor then you may induce a power spike that will take the host down.


good point, its your 3port usb/ethernet adapter i was plugging in… with the ethernet attached


Hi all,
the error was in fact from a short-circuit in the adaptor which prevented the pi to boot.