Picade 2015 version - Speakers very, very quiet

Hi guys (and gals)

I assume this is something really easy and but cannot find the solution. I even roped in an IT guru from work with the prize of a case of Cider but he believes it to be a circuitboard fault.

Using Raspberry Pi 3B and Picade hat running retropi (for correct model of Pi)

Sound is extremely weak through speakers, I need to put my ear right up against the cabinet.
Sound works through aux jack on both the Pi and the PiHat (though perhaps quiet aswell)
Tried switching the speaker cables around to make sure they were correctly soldered

Attached are pics of any audio config I can find.

Any help will be hugely appreciated. Thanks

I had set the volume buttons to be game control buttons

In case anyone else is having this issue

  1. Install sound driver
  2. Ensure the settings on the config file are correct and dont push sound through HDMI
  3. Set sound settings to the above pics
  4. Config buttons so that the ones connecting to the Vol + / - on the hat are not used for any controls (in my case, i followed a video and they were the left hand side buttons). To skip any buttons you dont want to configure, just hold down any button for 2 sec during control config