Picade console with HAT no sound on Mupen64Plus


Have a picade console using a Picade HAT instead of PCB (Retropie 4.1.18, RPi3). Sound works great on most all libretro based emulators. For N64 emulation the performance does seem to be best with the pure Mupen64Plus based emulators ‘GlideN64’ being the one I am trying to get working. But this gives no sound.

Forums online suggest changing the mupen64plus.cfg, changing the output_port from 1 to 0, I think thats changing from hdmi to onboard jack. Does not solve issue. Also another suggestion about changing

AudioPlugin = mupen64plus-audio-omx.so to

in same file. I am not sure if with Picade’s DAC you would want this anyway. Has anybody else tried this? Thanks, Will

Version = 1
# Frequency which is used if rom doesn't want to change it
# Swaps left and right channels
# Audio Output Frequncy mode (when NATIVE_MODE=false): 0 = Rom Frequency, 1 ROM Frequency if supported (HDMI only), 2 = Standard frequency < Rom Frequency, 3 = Standard frequency > Rom Frequency, [N] Force output frequency

To fix the audio for NGlide

make sure in /opt/retropie/configs/all/autoconf.cfg you have mupen64plus_audio = “0”

Then in mupen64plus.cfg
change: mupen64plus-audio-omx.so to: AudioPlugin = “mupen64plus-audio-sdl.so

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