Picade controls with Daphne no insert coin


I have a Pi 3 B, I am running a 128 image, I got everything setup
for the controls through emulation station and all buttons are working, for some reason I cannot add credits to any of the Daphne games, I hooked a keyboard up and added credits but no start button either, Maybe no controls working because Picade baord? I see you can go in and map the buttons somehow but I am not familiar with the process of doing that, is there anyone that can help me with this? When using this same image on a regular stand alone raspberry Pi with Snes controller the coins will work, it looks like the Picade runs like a Keyboard emulator… Thank you in advance for any help, I love this little machine!!!


Did you ever figure this out? I’ve recently purchased the Picade and also can’t figure out how to use the Picade controls with Daphne. It sucks to have to plug in a gamepad. Cheers


find the config

alter the first column to match the desired key presses.