PICADE - X Hat- Buttons + Joystick not detecting

Same result, its disable by default :(

Weird. Could you post a photo of the Picade X HAT from the back, please?

What’s that other thing plugged in?

It is a led, but I put it today. I had the problems before plugging it

Maybe the conections are bad positioned? I dont have another explanation

Just a wild guess: could there be a short inside the power button, between the led contacts and the button contacts, messing with the power shutdown?
You could unplug the led cable from the picade hat and try again.

It’s just a guess.

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As I was really struggling to get the buttons of my New Picade working, esp. the coin/select button for Arcade games, I have made the following table and graphic to show the buttons and their mappings in Retropie/Emulationstation and in RetroArch.
Please note that for the buttons in the graphic the keys after the “/” are the ones to be used in the corresponding retroarch.cfg file for either all emulators for for specific ones (i.e. arcade or nes etc.).
Hope that helps you to identify the correct buttons.
FYI: I have hooked up the Select button to the “coin” connection and the Start button to the “1up” connector on the X-Hat, as described in the video tutorial available in YouTube.


Thanks Rob-

This is super helpful, as was your previous debugging posts in trying to resolve my original problem as well.

I finally got around to starting a clean img from scratch and appears everything is functioning correctly now. I think thats a confirmation that theres issues using pre-existing images built on older versions of retropie, even if you upgrade those images to the lastest. For whatever reason it appears something isn’t getting updated that is critical to getting the GPIO inputs to pass over into emulation station.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in getting this stuff up and running.

Ho lucatony. I am a beginner in linux. I have the same problem with not detecting the Joystick and buttons.
Can you explane to me wat reinstalling the gpio is?

Sorry for the delayed reply, I think in this case it was just a matter of taking the Picade X HAT off the Pi, then putting it back on again and making sure it was seated properly.

And after a few months, again I have the same problem, when I turn off the pi it freeze on a reebot screen , but it doestn turn off properly. The screen continues on…what can I do?

So i tried setting this up as per your above instructions…and when I load an arcade game the start button now takes me back to thr previous screen…and the select button still says capturing a movie. SO I still have no coin in except from a keyboard command. Do i need to reconfigure retro-arch??


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I’m having the same issue with the coin button, just pulls me out of the game. I’ve even tried going into the retroarch.cfg and changing input_movie_record_toggle = “o” to “q” as suggested by another forum member, but that didn’t solve my problem.

Gonna start pulling hair out soon… 😬

I’m not sure if the issue regarding a full shutdown was addressed in this thread.
I built my 10" Picade about a week ago and had similar problems. Sometimes the system would shutdown Linux, but not power off. Other times it’d perform a reboot. Rarely did it shutdown fully.

Anyway, it seems to be the led power to the power push button. I disconnected the cable from the X HAT and it now shuts down properly. Don’t know if it’s an issue with the X HAT or the button or a bad connection. I can live without the button lit though :-)


I have tried all of the suggestions here for mapping controls but am having issues that others have said that they have with no real solution. Pressing Select for me starts to record a video and doean’t actually perform the select function. My hot key doesn’t seem to do anything and left trigger instantly exits a game. I just want the start and select buttons to work like they do on my SNES clone controller with select as my hotkey.

I am experiencing some of the same issues as a lot of other people in this thread.
Fresh install, checked all connections.

  • Buttons seem to register, joystick does not - only up.
  • Cannot shut down via power button

Do I need to do a new install, or is there another solution?

I am sorry to ask a really basic question but when you say “[LT] + [Start]” does that mean press one and then the other or hold the first like a shift key and press second. I am not gettting a good response from these command buttons.

I do believe that means press and hold down LT then also press Start at the same time.

I have a new Picade with raspberry 4 (4Gb)
I have Retropie and installed curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash
I have a usb dongle to the raspberry for the keyboard but when I boot the Picade I only getting
No gamepad detected

When I do: evtest /dev/input/by-path/platform-gpio_keys-event-kbd I am getting events on the screen
but when I do run watch -n 0.1 gpio readall it says Oops - unable to determine board type … model:17

When I do damsel !grep input I am getting
Logitech USB Receiver …/input0
Logitech USB Receiver Mouse …/input1
Logitech USB Consumer control …/input2
Logitech USB Receiver System Control …/input3
gpio_keys …/input6

Why should I do?