PICADE - no input no sound

Hi, just receive my Picade.
No input are register on any button and joystick and I have no sound
I have a prebuild image of retropie running on RPI 2B. And I just change the keyboard to azerty.

I did run curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash and reboot

When i go to configure input nothing register

I’ve try troubleshooting with the different topic that already exist so

  • I did apt install wiringpi
  • watch -n 0.q gpio readall doesn’t work
  • boot/overlays/picade.dtbo exists
  • dtoverlay=picade is in /boot/config.txt

Those last 2 , i don’t know how to check

  • Check dmesg output for any glaring errors
  • Check that /etc/udev/rules.d/10-picade.rules exists

Thanks for your help

EDIT : I’ve did a fresh install of retropie an everything work, don’t know why my original image didn’t work.

Older RetroPie images are missing vital components to get the input working, and short of a dist-upgrade they wont install them as updates either.