Pico w with pico inky won't connect to wifi channel 13

Using the pimoroni-picow-v1.21.0-micropython.uf2 firmware (for pico inky support) I am not able to connect to the wifi on channel 13. My router must have recently switched channels. The router won’t allow me to set the channel manually, even in “expert” mode. I can connect to a hotspot running on channel 9 without issue. I have the COUNTRY = "GB" set in the WIFI_CONFIG.py

Running a scan with this code (found here) shows it can’t see the networks on channel 13

import network

wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)
networks = wlan.scan()

print("{} networks found:\n".format(len(networks)))
print ("{:<64} {:<8} {:<6})".format('ssid', 'channel', 'rssi'))
for net in networks:
    print ("{:<64} {:<8} {:<6}".format(net[0].decode(), net[2], net[3]))

If I change to the latest Pico W RPI_PICO_W-20240105-v1.22.1.uf2 firmware a scan reveals the networks on channel 13. If I use this, I’ll be unable to import picographics as far as I can tell.

It would be a shame to set up another access point dedicated to the pico w when other 2.4GHz devices function fine.