Pimusicbox on pirate radio

ahoy! has anyone tried http://www.pimusicbox.com/ on the pirate radio kit?

I had a look when i first received mine, but there wasn’t a zero w compatible image, however you can install Mopidy which pimusicbox is based on, then the web extension Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient that is used by Pimusicbox. If you install the pimoroni dashboard and use it to install the phat, the audio should work out of the box, if you sudo usermod -a -G i2c mpd the vumeter should work, and a plugin Mopidy-TtsGpio configured with the correct gpio pins should also get the buttons working as long as you configure a pin_play_led to an unused gpio No sound from Pirate Radio after installing spotipy script

again… the phat BEAT uses GPIO access direct, not I2C, so that is the group you should had any context-user to ;-)