Pirate Radio with Raspberry pi W doesn't boot

Hi, I’m new here but could really use some help. I purchased a pirate radio and soldered everything and loaded Rasperian Jessie onto my SD Card and I get no picture…I had the maintenance guy at my work check my soldering and everything is good he even checked each pin with a voltage meter. When the pirate radio is plugged in I can feel the device heat up so I feel confident that its getting power but I get no picture. I even went out and bought another raspberry pi and put my SD Card into it and got it to load with no problems. I first downloaded the Noobs image then wrote it to the SD card and then plugged it in the pi with the soldered hat and had no screen. So then I used the same HDMI cable and power supply and plugged it into the new pi W and it loaded with no problem so from there I wirelessly connected to my wifi and downloaded rasperian Jessie then installed it. On my lunch break I was able to login to JESSIE with typing pi as the username and raspberry as the password. To I can tell the SD Card is working. When I connect everything back to the pirate radio I still have no picture…Can anyone please help me out?



Did you use the headers supplied with the Pirate radio? If yes, you can just unplug the pHat Beat from the Pi and swap Pi’s to see if its a Pi Zero issue. Just remove everything from the case. If you soldered the pHat Beat right to the Pi Zero’s male header, please post a screen shot of the soldering. If the two are soldered directly to each other its going to make troubleshooting really tricky. You need to look at the status LED on the working Pi, versus the one that’s not working to see if Raspbian is actually booting up.

It sounds like you’ve pretty thoroughly confirmed that the HDMI port is faulty on your Pi Zero W. It happens. Have you had any luck since your first post? I think a replacement may be needed.

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Okay so replacing the male end of the connector is genius that never occurred to me as an option. I didn’t mess with the speaker last night but I’m picking up a pi 3 today after work so I will get another male pin connector too and try that tonight. Thank you guys so much!!! I’ll post back my progress.

A Pi 3B comes with the male header pre soldered on. It’s usually male on the Pi, female on the pHat or Hat. Which way did you do it?