Raspberry Pi 4 doesn"t detect Inkyphat

Just keeps showing up with this message. Have rebooted pi many times. And have reinstalled examples already. What can I do? I don’t have a another pi to test it on.


edit: Now detects it but does not change the screen.

Welcome to Pimoroni help forum … I’m just a novice user ,so I don’t guarantee this will help, but it where I got a lot help .over the years .
Getting Started with Inky pHAT - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

I would check the name badge Name example part way down the page ,good luck

Yeah that’s what I’m using. Tried the calendar example too. Still doesn’t work.

There are some other threads on these types of problems, might help?
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I don’t own an inky, so I haven’t got much else to offer unfortunately.

I guess the examples just don’t work for but its fine for my own code.

This may be relevant?
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